Trump is a WASTEMAN

The Muslim Ban Protest to contest Theresa the Appeaser on her state visit invite to Pumpkin Spice Satan and her general disregard of the blatant Islamaphobia happening in our ‘special relationship’ ally was something else.

Outside of Downing Street with the London Eye, Big Ben and Houses of Parliment as the backdrop; it felt so truly London as I protested on top of a wall, trying the most not to fall.

The chants, atmosphere and speakers were INCREDIBLE.

These are my favourite images and chants of the evening

“Trump is a WASTEMAN”

Emphasis on wasteman, very important.

“No ban, no registry fuck white supremacy!”


This kid was giving me the most!

I’m glad so many people are now woke because POC have been telling y’all for timeeee.

Here are some links to aid your new wokeness –  it’s time to get to work!

– Parr xo


2 thoughts on “Trump is a WASTEMAN

  1. We’re only just starting these protests over the orange dude here in the US, but I can tell you that people are fired up, and that as he enacts more laws that send us back to the stone age, that we will not go quietly. Thanks for the follow and love your header photo! Ireland?


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